English Blogpost from earlier today! (School, new family, etc.)

Hey everybody, here is my English post that I already published in German this morning.

Okay so where do I begin.. The most obvious thing is probably that I’m staying with another family for the last few days. Most of y’all probaby know that, but for those of you that didn’t know that: This is for you, just keep on reading if you want to know why I’m not staying with my old family anymore, where I’m staying right now and how the whole thing proceeded.

Let me say something first: I’m not going to tell you all the reasons why I left my old host family in detail, because that would be too personal and it doesn’t really belong here. And I don’t want to blame a single person or just my host family, I just wanted that to be said.

So, let me begin with the things why I’m not living with my first family anymore: There’s not just one single issue that made me not want to stay there anymore, but it was a lot of little things and over Fallbreak they all added up together.

I called my local coordinator to ask her for help and of course she didn’t want me to move out immediately and I didn’t really want to move out at that point but things weren’t getting better and then I got to moved out last Wednesday.

I was supposed to stay with my local coordinator for a couple of days but she lives in Marietta (my American friends know where it is, to my German friends: it’s about 20-30 min away from Acworth), so she wasn’t able to drop me off at school or pick me up in the afternoon. She suggested that I stayed with my best friend Eva for two nights and then I did that. Wednesday night her parents decided to host me, which made me so so happy because I didn’t really have a family to live with. But Evas parents were not my host parents last week so I had to stay with my local coordinator from Friday night until Sunday. This weekend with Eloise was actually pretty good: Saturday we went to the JDRF walk in downtown Atlanta, which was a walk where money is collected to fight Diabetes Type 1 and then Sunday she took me to her church and that was actually really fun. And we also went to get my physical and bathing suits because I decided to join the swimteam at my High School (Allatoona).

In my new family there are: Eva (16), Danny (13) and Michelle and David, my new host parents.

Other than that, we have Homecomig this Saturday, so this week there is the Homecoming week, where we get to dress upü to different themes every day: Monday was Opposite Day (look at my Instagram for pictures), Tuesday was Tacky Tourist Day,Wednesday was Pyjama Day, Thursday was Disney Day and Friday was Pink Out Day.

The post about Homecoming, as well as a post about the new family will follow!

Hope you enjoyed readinf this,



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